Why to Book IFly Singapore Ticket Online?

Booking iFly Singapore tickets online is a great idea to fix your spot with a single click in the comfort of your home or even on your busiest day. Situated in the infamous Sentosa Island of adventures, iFly is a tourist spot and a staycation place for localities. iFly Singapore is a world experience for the light-hearted people who constantly dream of sky-diving someday. Owing to the place’s popularity and crowd, it is advisable to have your iFly Singapore booking done online which gives you an instant confirmation saving you from any sort of last-minute hassle.

This indoor skydiving experience is for people of all ages
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  • Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush as you defy gravity and feel the thrill of skydiving at iFly Singapore!

  • Book the iFly Singapore Tickets and have a fun-filled family experience

  • Learn the art of mid-air maneuvers and soar in the wind tunnel with the help of an expert coach

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Must Know Before You Go
  • Check in is 1 hour prior to flight time for gearing up and training.
  • Flyers under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. If not available, they should bring a copy of their identity card or passport along with a waiver form signed by their parent or guardian.
  • All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details at the time of arrival.
  • Participants must weigh less than 120kg (if shorter than 180cm) or 140kg (if taller than 180cm).
  • ID proof is mandatory for each individual guest at the time of arrival.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. We advise wearing a shirt with no collar.
  • Wear well-fitted laced-up sneakers with non marking soles. They are available for rent if you do not have them.
  • It is recommended to leave jewelry and valuables at home as all such items must be removed before suiting up.
  • Don't forget to collect the photos and videos of your thrilling flight at level 1 lobby
  • Expectant mothers and people with hard casts, or under the influence of alcohol, are not permitted. People with a history of back or neck injury, or shoulder dislocations are not permitted.
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Advantages to Book IFly Singapore Tickets from Us

Sentosa’s adventurous activities are every traveller’s favourite spot making it overcrowded with tourists and localities. The advanced online booking system for booking iFly Singapore tickets is a wonder at saving your booking time! A single click makes you experience free-fall from an artificial place that mimics an original aeroplane sky-dive in a country far across. The chances of tickets being sold off even before reaching the ticket counter after waiting in a long queue for hours is quite high. So, booking online tickets will get you a large number of benefits in terms of time and money.

1. Skip long lines with Advanced Booking: When travelling internationally, it is advised to book your iFly Singapore tickets online because they might get sold out at the ticket counter. The advanced booking will make your trip more enjoyable by removing the tiring process of waiting in a long queue for hours leading to a wastage of time and energy.

2. Ease of booking: Online booking will give you an instant confirmation fixing all your travelling plans with ease. With a single click of a finger, you will be able to book in minutes whether it is your laziest day or while you are working. You will have to grab your spot in the adventurous activity of indoor skydiving fixing your dates and time.

3. Choose from a variety of deals and combos:The iFly Singapore price of a ticket would cost you much lower than purchasing it from the ticket counter because advance booking will fetch you a large number of deals, and combos. Offers on the tickets and coupon codes will make your trip cost-effective providing you with a handsome discount.

Ifly Singapore Overview

Skydiving has become a hot pick of many adventurers but many fear jumping from heavenly heights or the activity being a pocket burner. Sentosa’s iFly Singapore is one of the world’s largest indoor skydiving facilities in a controlled environment. Now you don’t have to jump out of any helicopter at some scary heights because iFly is now there to make your heart fill with thrill. Giving you a sensation of a real-like skydiving experience, iFly makes you jump off a 5 story tunnel. The winds mimic the original skydiving experience and are enough to give you the chills of a real one in Singapore. The winds blow up to a speed of 180 kmph in this artificial sky diving themed around an airport giving you a total feeling of the real sky sport. The psychological simulations are there to make sure that you believe this is a real skydive. You will be handed boarding passes to board an artificial flight having a flight status on board, hear aeroplane noises and then, jump off. Whether real or not, but iFly Singapore sky diving ride is one of the most anticipated rides on a traveller’s bucket list.

Indoor Skydiving Experience at iFly Singapore

  • iFly Singapore is the world’s largest and has very few indoor skydiving facilities.
  • The indoor skydiving facility is available in Sentosa Beach which itself is popular for adventure activities.
  • Created by a vision to serve the light-hearted adventure seekers, the indoor skydiving experience makes you experience high-speed winds blowing at 180 kmph in a controlled environment.
  • The height at which you dive is that of a 5 story building, but the airspeed makes it behave like reality.
  • The Free-fall experience makes you feel like jumping over from 12,000 to 3,000 feet unbelievably at one-fifth of the cost of an actual skydive.
  • The tunnel or the place of flying is 16.5 feet wide and 56.5 feet tall with an acrylic glass wall of about 18 feet surrounding it.
  • You might wonder that IFly Singapore is just a simple jump from an elevated place with winds being thrown but this place psychologically makes you feel that you jumped off a real aeroplane.
  • The place of jumping is designed in an aeroplane like structure offering you the boarding pass. Once in, you hear the noises like an actual aircraft produces.
  • This makes you subconsciously perceive the idea of real skydiving making the experience even better and safer.

Know Before You Book iFly Singapore Tickets

Essential Information
iFly Singapore Tips
  • Get a boarding pass to board an artificial flight for skydiving indoors.
  • Board an artificial flight behaving like an aeroplane with the feels and noises of an actual one.
  • Feel the sensory simulations of boarding an actual aircraft and wear proper safety clothes to jump.
  • Jump from the artificial aircraft with an instructor to get thrills.
  • Skydive from a height between 12,000 to 3,000 feet in the world’s largest indoor skydiving wind tunnel.
  • Experience the gushy winds high in the iFly Singapore travelling at a speed of 50 m/sec.
  • Freely Fall from a 5 story high tunnel having a width of 16.5 ft.

Best time to visit and opening hours: The operational hours of iFly Singapore are from 09:00 AM to 10:00 PM every day except Wednesdays from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM.If you wish to buy iFly Singapore tickets, the best time to experience the ride is during weekdays when there is less crowd there. However, you can experience this ride any time of the year since it is an indoor activity unrelated to any sort of climatic condition.

Dining: Dining in iFly Singapore is a very essential and easy task to chill after your dive. You can dine in the Skyloft rooftop bar and restaurant in the iFly level 5. The restaurant has mesmerising views of the South China Sea and has one of the tastiest European style foods on Sentosa Island. You can dine in MarryBrown restaurant offering western delicious food in the iFly complex and also grab a snack at the fast-food restaurant chain McDonald's.

Other Things to Do at Sentosa Island

Sentosa island in Singapore is one the most famous islands among tourists owing to its beauty and adventure. Being famous internationally, the Sentosa island is home to tourists from all across the world coming to experience different adventurous rides like skydiving and flying fox. Sentosa island is a famous water park. Ziplining and iFly indoor skydiving.

Universal Studios Singapore

While the Universal Studios have produced a lot of successful series and movies, it is a park located in Resort World Sentosa on Sentosa Island. The beautiful park spreads across 49 acres with different themed areas circling a lagoon and contains 7 zones with each zone based on a blockbuster film or TV series. Based on Battlestar Galactica, a pair of roller coasters are there. Others include a castle from the world of shriek and Transformers, the ultimate 3D ride to be crowded with people.

S.E.A Aquarium

The largest aquarium in the whole world, S.E.A Aquarium, is one of the most popular places on Sentosa island. Home to a whopping number of 800 aquatic species, you can catch a glimpse of Bottlenose dolphins, and hammerhead sharks. You will be able to see different kinds of beautiful jellies in the sea jelly gallery. Experiencing the feeling of sitting at the bottom of the ocean floor in the open ocean habitat is one of the most loved things about S.E.A aquarium followed by a collection of corals and shipwrecks.

e485kivq4emruf1c6sl4gufpimj1_1540063824_AdventureCoveWaterpark (1).jpg
Adventure Cove Waterpark

Making it to Asia’s topmost water park list in 2015, this water park is home to a variety of aquatic creatures like a rainbow reef, shark encounter and the Ray bay ranging from the sweetest to the deadliest marine stunners. Besides being home to animals, this Adventure Cove Waterpark has 7 thrilling slides including the infamous “RipTide Rocket”, Asia’s number one hydromagnetic coaster along with other high-speed water slides such as pipeline plunge, and duelling racer.

Singapore Cable Car

If you want to reach Sentosa island while seeing the mesmerising views of Singapore’s skyline, cable cars are totally for you. Being so popular that cable cars start from six stations, and take you through the aerial ropeway to reach the adventurous island. Cable Cars connect mainland Singapore to the Sentosa island in a 30-minute enchanting cable car ride. You can see the beauty of mount faber park, the resort world and universal studios from the top along with Singapore’s captivating views.

4cd3vlxcqqbmx5tu4wkd5cfpx6iv_viator (1).webp
Trick Eye Museum

One of the strangest museums in the whole world where you are allowed to touch objects and click their pictures. The art of transfer of 2D paintings and sculptures into 3D optical illusions is carried on here which tricks the viewer’s eyes. The unique museum is divided into 6 themed zones including Trick world, fairy tale, excitement, supernatural, fantasy and the world of a masterpiece. The imagination is tricked in the Trick Eye Museum by the use of augmented reality with a whopping number of 80 optical illusion arts.

Wings of Time

Every day in the evening around 07:40 PM, “Wings of Time” happens to be Singapore’s only permanent night show. Set in the open sea, this show gives a sense of relaxation marking the end of a happening day spent at the Sentosa island. The long contemporary storyline of the show follows a bird named Shahbaz, who lives in prehistoric times only to travel across the mysteries and sands of time with his friend. Projected by a 3D projector using lasers, pyrotechnics and an AI water fountain, Wings of time never fails to amaze us.

IFly Singapore FAQ's

What is unique about iFly Singapore?

    There are so many things unique about iFly Singapore as this is one the world’s largest indoor skydiving having free falls of heights 12,000 ft to 3,000 ft. The iFly Singapore deals 5will make you experience the thrill of free-falling from a 5-story building with artificial winds blowing at 180 kmph like a real skydiving sport.

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